If you want to improve your physical fitness and physical appearance, there is no way around exercise. However, the quality of workouts can vary greatly. The more effective a workout is, the better the results. If you follow the right guiding principles, you can increase your personal stamina and successfully get your body in shape even with little time. Not only the particular exercise, but also personal motivation plays an important role. Here are the most important tips for effective training.

Define the goal and time of the workout

Goal-oriented training is preceded by a definition of the goals towards which the training is working. This goal can be based, for example, on an increase in personal endurance or a recognizable build-up of muscle mass. If you clearly define your goals, you will know what you are working towards during training. The goals should be set realistically. Continuous training thrives on small successes. Along many stage goals can be reached at the end also large long-distance goals. In effective training, personal plans progress along these stages and increase slowly but continuously.

From the goal results in turn the necessary training time. It should result in a fixed date, at which one is not distracted by other things. To avoid overstraining, it is best to start with a small amount of time. In fact, regular and continuous training in a fixed time frame work far more effectively than long but very irregular training. This is because in regular training a strenuous exercise becomes a personal habit. This habit is part of the personal everyday life. One perceives it like a pleasant ritual and takes pleasure in it.

Using apps as digital training assistants

Fitness apps are now proven supports of effective training. First, these apps offer a varied training plan with many different exercises, especially for beginners. Similar to good teaching in school, the change of methods and variety also pay off in athletic training. The exercises can be selected according to personal fitness. In addition to providing suggestions for workouts, many apps also take on a form of monitoring. The technical application records the training results and the performance level. This makes personal achievements clear. 

Positive monitoring increases motivation. Many apps document performance improvements and encourage a higher level of training at the appropriate time. With some apps, results can be shared on social networks. Many runners use this function and share their training routes with their personal circle of friends. Those who like to train in a group can also easily find allies in the same city via the right applications. Such opportunities for effective training should not be left unused.

Coordinate training and nutrition

If endurance skills are to be increased and muscle building promoted, healthy nutrition also plays a decisive role. Since strenuous training can be quite sweaty, the supply of fluids is first of all important. Basically, people should consume about 30ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day. In addition, attention should be paid to a generally balanced diet. Around long training sessions, a supply of magnesium and calcium should be ensured.

The supply of proteins also forms an important basis for building muscle mass. If fat is burned at the same time, the result is a well-proportioned muscle mass. Many amateur athletes rely at this point on a targeted DMAA pre workout. In this case, DMAA boosters are taken. These substances have a stimulating effect on the nervous system and adjust the metabolism so that with the DMAA pre-workout a maximum effect of the training can be exploited.

Stress the entire body

Repeating the same exercises over and over again is not only boring in the long run, but can lead to an unbalanced strain on different muscle groups. In the worst case, the one-sided strain even impairs the physical ability to move. This should be avoided at all costs. The use of the entire body and the training of many different muscles is also one of the central pillars of effective training. For this reason, fitness training programs such as circuit training rely on an exercise circuit in which different applications are combined in a targeted manner. This principle should also be followed in one's own training.

New exercises keep the mental interest alive. They awaken the sporting spirit and challenge. Even a piece of equipment in the gym or at home can be appealing in this way. Many pieces of equipment can even be used in more ways than one. To enable effective and holistic training, attention should also be paid to the variety of possible uses. Today, however, the countless fitness apps and online videos also offer suggestions for new exercises. Some users also take their cue from the contributions of a personal athletic role model. Such a reference provides motivation and also regularly promises new ideas for a varied workout of the entire body.

Involve people as motivators

Although training today can be controlled by digital apps and easily done from home as well, one thing must never be forgotten: Humans are social creatures. This also applies to sports. Those who train sporadically and are not motivated by anyone else rarely make full use of their potential. Competitive athletes almost always work with coaches and also use the services of sparring partners before important competitions. Fellow human beings can give you more motivation than an app. But how do you use this factor for your training?

 One of the first ways is to communicate your training goals to your family or friends. If you mention here that you are training for a marathon, for example, you will benefit from this. Friends like to remind you of your goals and celebrate with you when you achieve them. The second way is by making new friends in sports groups that train together. Such friendships strengthen the continuity of training. One quickly cancels one's own training. But no one likes to leave joint training groups out in the cold.

Seeking exchange with a coach

A coach promises the most professional guidance for personal training. Personal trainers optimally adjust the training plan to the personal situation. They know exactly how to motivate people so that they really give their all. A professional coach can also save untrained or overly motivated people from injury. The professional qualification also pays off on the social level. Personal trainers provide positive feedback that is realistic, but also motivating. Over time, many trainers also take on a role as mentors. They help other people grow beyond themselves and achieve great things.

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