A Valletta 2018 multidisciplinary project  called Baħħ Blu/Blue Void is  opening today. It is composed of two parts: the marine installation Book in the Sea and the land installation Effett t’effett.

Book in the Sea is a project led by the Valletta Design Cluster and created by Japanese designers Atelier Omoya + Space Production Lab, together with Maltese poet and book artist Glen Calleja.

The work explores the relationship between Malta’s coastal landscape and literature through an installation which ‘writes’ on the water surface.

The collaboration brings together cutting-edge technological tools with principles borrowed from the composition of literary works. The result is a poetic reflection on the ephemerality of all things in a harbour, which has been a key-point in the history of the Maltese islands and the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Effett t’effett is a follow-up project led by ACT in collaboration with the Valletta Design Cluster and Calleja to raiseconsciousness on consumerism, over-consumption and waste generation. 

Effett t’effett is taking place following Kawża Effett, an extensive clean-up event organised by ACT targeting Maltese coastal areas and the hinterland. Kawża Effett engaged with different communities and was followed by the Think Tank open debate, where individuals coming from different communities discussed practical solutions for waste management in Malta. The clean-up and open debate were held on June 23 and 24.

The waste collected from the Kawża Effett clean-up was reutilised as a creative resource in Effett t’effett, where creative practitioners collaborated to further explore the issues of consumerism, over-consumption and waste generation.

Artists modelled the intrinsic worthlessness of disposed resources into sculptures in an attempt to alter the general perception on waste and consumption. Tapping on collaborative effort, this project is hoping to engage a wide audience through creative expression and increasing consciousness towards environmental issues.

The creation of Baħħ Blue/Blue Void involves a diverse and experienced team of engineers, technologists and artists from very diverse backgrounds. This approach mirrors the way the Valletta Design Cluster works with its partners, bringing together people in a co-creative and collaborative environment.

The Valletta Design Cluster provides cultural and creative practitioners with dedicated shared spaces and opportunities for working, learning and collaborating and promotes user-centred design as a driving force for economic and social well-being in Malta.

Baħħ Blue/Blue Void is taking place from today until August 15 from 10am to 8pm at the Lower Barrakka Gardens in Valletta. For more information, e-mail info@valletta2018.org or call 2258 2400.

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