One of the world's largest exporters of used cars has severed ties with two local car dealers that allegedly duped hundreds of consumers into buying cars with tampered mileage counters.

SBT Japan, a leading global exporter of used cars, told independent candidate Arnold Cassola that it was no longer doing business with Rokku and Tal-Qasab auto dealers. 

Cassola made that information public on Wednesday and circulated an email exchange he had with SBT sales manager Adeel Khan. 

In the email, Khan told him that he was aware of the odometer tampering scandal and considered the behaviour of the two car dealers to be "a very foul practice to follow".   

As a result, he said that SBT Japan was "not doing business with the two dealers."   

The odometer tampering scandal was exposed months ago and sparked commitments by the police and consumer minister Julia Farrugia Portelli to carry out full and thorough investigations. 

But neither of the two dealerships have been charged with any criminal offence, with the consumer authority instead encouraging duped consumers to reach a settlement with the dealers alleged to have scammed them.

Cassola highlighted that state of affairs in his statement on Wednesday, asking why Farrugia Portelli "seems to be happy with a behind-the-scenes private settlement and why the police have not yet arraigned the two in court, since this is a criminal offence of massive proportions.

"Is the dealer's friendship with and acquaintance of present and past politicians a reason for trying to hush down this scandal?" he asked.

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