A jilted lover who admitted to unwelcome sexual advances against his former girlfriend and sharing her intimate photos with a friend was placed under probation on Tuesday.

Ryan Cachia, a 40-year old Tarxien accountant, landed under arrest following the latest incident on Saturday evening when he allegedly went to the woman’s home in Zebbuń° and tried to touch her breasts.

That unwelcome move followed a previous incident on June 3 when the man shared some intimate photos which his ex had sent him when they were together.

The photos were shared in a private chat with a third party.

The couple’s relationship had ended in October but the accused seemingly found it hard to accept the breakup.

On Tuesday the man was charged with committing a non-consensual sexual act against his ex, causing her emotional or other harm by sharing her intimate pictures, harassment, causing her to fear violence as well as misuse of electronic communications equipment.

He was also charged with recidivism.

He registered an admission which he confirmed after the court gave him time to reconsider and consult his lawyer.

In light of the nature of the charges and the early guilty plea, Magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace issued a three-year probation order and a restraining order for an equal term, warning the accused that if he breached those orders he would land back in trouble and most likely in jail.

AG lawyer Jurgen Dalli and Inspector Christian Cauchi prosecuted.

Lawyer Joe Giglio was defence counsel.

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