British researchers have discovered fragments from a Koran manuscript they believe may have been written by someone who knew the Prophet Mohammad.

At 1370 years old, researchers says it's one of the oldest manuscripts of the Koran that exists today.

The fragments of the Islamic text were discovered in the library of the University of Birmingham, mistakenly bound to a similar Koran.

The university says the suras, or 'chapters' discovered may have been written by someone who personally knew the Prophet Mohammad.

Radiocarbon dating has found that the manuscript is just about as old as the prophet himself.

Birmingham University professor David Thomas says writings on the fragments are similar to those seen in the Koran that we know today. 

"This tends to support the view that the Koran that we now have is, more or less, very close indeed to the Koran as it was brought together."

The manuscript will be on public display starting in October and is expected to draw visitors from far and wide, hoping to catch a glimpse of the holy text.

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