Instead of working to strengthen workers the Labour Party has actively stolen from them, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said on Wednesday, in a Mayday meeting overshadowed by news of the conclusion of the Vitals inquiry. 

The Nationalist Party launched its campaign for the June 8 MEP and local council election, debuting the slogan ‘Għalik’ (For You) during the political activity.

Throngs of party supporters came to support the campaign at Ġnien l-Għarusa tal-Mosta, many decked in the PN’s shield and others waving the blue and starry flag of the European Union.

Taking aim at Labour’s campaign ‘Is-Saħħa lill-Maltin’, Grech said that, in light of the Vitals inquiry coming to a close, it is clear that Labour says one thing but does the complete opposite.

“They said ‘strength to the Maltese’ when in reality everybody knows how they have stolen from the worker,” he said.

A magisterial inquiry looking into the role of former prime minister Joseph Muscat and other ministers in the privatisation deal of three state hospitals was concluded, triggering instant backlash from Muscat who has repeatedly accused the magistrate of leading a politically motivated vendetta against him.

Prime Minister Robert Abela also piled on the pressure, accusing the inquiry of being timed to damage Labour’s prospects in the upcoming election.

The case now rests with the Attorney General who must analyse the inquiry and decide whether to charge the people named in it or not. Muscat, as well as his former chief of staff Keith Schembri and former minister Konrad Mizzi, are among the prime targets for prosecution.

Grech used his time to once again condemn attacks on the judiciary and said that these were meant to intimidate when Labour already knew what the outcome of their actions would be.

“They know that they stole from us, stole €400 million instead of spending that money to invest in our health as they should have done,” Grech said.

“They robbed you, they robbed me, they robbed every worker that suffers and perseveres.” The people now expect the police and the attorney general to act immediately to deliver justice immediately.

Grech continued that the government is too mired in its own internal squabbles, caused by its own incompetence, to notice the problems the average citizen faces.

PN leader Bernard Grech addressing the party faithful. Photo: PNPN leader Bernard Grech addressing the party faithful. Photo: PN

The government is too busy “intimidating the courts” to continue to work to solve problems and thus the Labour Party’s problems have once again become the nation’s problems, he said.

“We are seeing the real pact with the devil unravel before our eyes and the real victims are you, your families and your children,” Grech continued. “This depressing spectacle that we are assisting on a national level is the result of a government that has forgotten or forced itself to forget, what the function of a government actually is in a democratic European country.”

While Labour insiders had confessed to worrying about a weak lineup in MEP candidates, Grech said the PN was proud of all its candidates and praised the stellar work of its MEPs.

“And if we were able to achieve so much with two representatives, just imagine what we could do with three,” Grech said to loud cheering.

European Parliament president and PN candidate Roberta Metsola addressing the crowd. Photo: PNEuropean Parliament president and PN candidate Roberta Metsola addressing the crowd. Photo: PN

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola echoed the sentiment and said that the prime minister’s “attacks” on the judiciary go against the political integrity that the party believes in. Such attacks, she said are unacceptable and are not representative of a nation of people that are fundamentally honest.

“In these past hours, I’ve been met with a mix of emotions. Some feel that they were proven right, but being right doesn’t mean anything without justice,” she said.

'Justice is not a vendetta'

While understanding that some people may feel betrayed, Metsola added that people should not lose hope in politics and politicians.

“Some will falter but others are more predictable and you can foresee their attacks because he is weak, lost and doesn’t know how to behave like a prime minister, she said.

She added that the choice on Election Day was between those who shirk their responsibilities or those who come up with solutions.

“Do you want those who take the initiative and change things for the better or those who are not even fit to lead?” Metsola questioned.

“Do you want those who find every excuse to blame Europe for their own shortcomings or those who are capable of participating in Europe and changing it for the better?”

She promised that the PN is working to restore respect to Malta.

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