The Duomo Initiative has launched a new online educational course, produced in collaboration with Alfred Mifsud. The course, titled ‘The euro: the history, issues and solutions’, is free to join and will teach participants about the practical side of monetary policy, fiscal policy and politics within the EU and the European Monetary Union.

“The subjects covered are extremely important to understand. The issues we face in Europe, largely due to flaws in the monetary union and a reluctance to fix them, are a big risk for global stability,” said Nicholas Puri, co-founder of The Duomo Initiative.

“We are very proud to have worked on this project with the former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Malta, as it has enabled us to bring to our students a practical understanding of the situation.”

The content in the course has been prepared by Mr Mifsud, based on his many years of experience, which includes attending critical meetings at the ECB. “He explains how a stable monetary union should function and how the EMU has fallen short of this, therefore leading to disequilibrium. Mifsud’s explanation of a solution to these issues is compelling and realistic,” Mr Puri added.  Enrolment is free. The course features over three hours of video lectures presented in the typical Duomo Initiative style, to provide an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. The lessons also include detailed text modules and students will get access to an audiobook and digital version of Alfred Mifsud’s book The Euro – Cure or Curse for the Future of the EU.

This new release adds to the growing line of resources and courses offered by The Duomo Initiative, as part of its drive to make financial education more engaging, straightforward and accessible around the world.

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