Prime Minister Robert Abela and Opposition leader Bernard Grech will go head-to-head in a debate organised by the Broadcasting Authority at the end of the electoral campaign.

The BA said in a statement the debate will be held on March 23 and will be aired on Television Malta.

The BA’s political broadcasting schedule consisting of a series of debates, news conferences, interviews and productions, will kick off on Tuesday. Political parties and independent candidates contesting these elections will be taking part in the scheme.

All broadcasts will be aired on TVM after the news bulletin, while productions will be broadcast on TVM and TVMNews+ according to the requests of the same parties or candidates.

The first two debates will be broadcast on Tuesday and Wednesday on TVM, with the first debate themed Malta Together and the second debate themed With you. For Malta. Two people chosen by the Labour Party and the Nationalist Party will take part in these debates. TVM journalist Liam Carter will be leading these debates.

The last debate, held between Abela and Grech, will be broadcast on March 23.

These kinds of debates are usually stage-managed, with very little cross-debate allowed where leaders are usually given a time limit to make their statements.

Abela has refused requests by the independent media, including Times of Malta, for interviews and also for a debate.

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