A man for all seasons

I have acquired a copy of the 670-page book Fidelis et Verax, published to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the episcopal ordination of Archbishop Charles Jude Scicluna. I have only managed a cursory view of the numerous essays and topics covered in this publication but it is immediately clear to me that this is an excellent production that honours this great gentleman.

Our archbishop is indeed a treasure to be proud of. A man of empathy, he constantly conveys through his words a warm understanding of Christ’s concern for each one of us, irrespective or in spite of our fragility and unreliability. His words persistently assure us of God’s help, however undeservedly.

I rarely miss his televised homilies, which are intense but punctuated with some humorous remarks. They are always well-prepared, never heavy, down to earth but incisively discerning. A sensitive heart, open to all but belonging only to God.

Archbishop Charles SciclunaArchbishop Charles Scicluna

As a wise and highly erudite man, his words envelop the all-embracing heavenly creation, from its infinite vastness to its molecular level. And he sees God in every fraction.

He steadfastly defends the sanctity of human life from its very first molecular inception. Life is inalienable and unowned. The womb should be a protector of life, not an avenue of death.

Great man. Great leader. May he continue to lead us with love and wisdom, blessed with faithfulness and truth. Indeed, a man for all seasons.

Philip Farrugia Randon – St Julian’s

Protecting pregnant women

The open letter from UK parliamentarians cited in the article ‘UK parliamentarians write to Abela over “extreme concern” about abortion laws’ (November 29) states that the proposed change to Maltese abortion law will lead to ‘abortion-on-demand’.

This misleading intervention stands to endanger the lives of pregnant women in Malta.

The authors cite the most liberal section of Britain’s Abortion Act 1967 in an attempt to evidence this claim. This section provided the grounds for 98 per cent of the over 214,000 abortions performed in the England and Wales last year.

The language of the Maltese bill, however, is extremely narrow and protects a pregnant woman only from “a medical complication which may put her life at risk or her health in grave jeopardy”.

The equivalent sections in the Abortion Act 1967 were invoked in less than 111 abortions (<1%) performed in England and Wales in 2021.  Protecting pregnant women against grave threat to their health and risk to their lives does not lead to abortion on demand.

Alejandro Sanchez, campaigns officer, National Secular Society – London

Wise men and good advice

So our PM thinks that the 81 academics, the archbishop and many others who have criticised the wording of the proposed amendment to the ‘termination of life in utero’ are just fearmongers.

That is a pity.

His attitude smacks very much of arrogant know-it-all-ism. Wise men listen to good advice.

Carmel Sciberras – Naxxar

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