The President of Argentina's LGBT Federation (FALGBT), Esteban Paulón, has expressed his disappointment over comments by Auxiliary Bishop Charles Scicluna that the Pope was shocked by Maltese legislation which will allow child adoption by gay couples.

Cardinal Jorge Bergolgio (now Pope) organised strong opposition and resistance to Argentina's Gay Marriage law in 2010.

Mr Paulón in a statement protested over 'interference' by the Catholic Church hierarchy in civil rights which, he said, are a matter of secular nature, and rights which should be accessible to all citizens without any form of discrimination including sexual orientation and gender identity.

"This case, demonstrates yet another time - as we have repeatedly said - that there is no will from Pope Francis’ part to change the doctrinal position of the Catholic Church with respect to the family and the lack of recognition of gay or lesbian parents.

"It is important to remember that during the Debate on Marriage Equality in Argentina, Jorge Bergoglio, as Cardinal of Buenos Aires undertook a war in God’s name against what he considered a devil’s plan to destroy the Argentine society."

Mr Paulón said Mgr Scicluna's declaration was no surprise as it clearly showed the true position of Pope Francis with respect to sexual diversity.

He said the most painful fact was Pope Francis’ silence in view of the increasing penalization and persecution of homosexuals around the world, especially in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. "Unfortunately there was not a single word from Pope Francis on India’s Court decision, the restrictive law in Uganda and prohibition of homosexual propaganda in Russia.”

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