Joseph Muscat made a pitch for social justice at Tarxien this evening as he once again called on reluctant voters not to stay at home on election day.

The Prime Minister warned supporters that the “coalition of confusion” – a term he has used to describe the coalition between the Nationalist and Democratic parties – was no longer a joke.

“You may want to stay at home to send a message… but after June 3 I will not be there and we will be left with Simon Busuttil and Marlene Farrugia, whose only thing in common is their animosity towards me,” the Labour leader said.

Dr Muscat urged people to go out and vote not to lose all that has been achieved over the past four years, adding the Labour Party’s electoral programmer had proposals targeting a wide array of people.

He reiterated his criticism of Dr Busuttil's decision to go with fresh allegations on his chief of staff Keith Schembri to the magistrate who is investigating the unrelated Egrant claims.

“He [Busuttil] regurgitated a year old story and then went to the magistrate investigating the lie in my regard. Why did he do so? To waste the magistrate’s time in a bid to delay the inquiry, which will find nothing in my regard,” Dr Muscat said, challenging the PN leader to say that he will resign if it transpires that the Egrant allegation was proved to be a lie.

“I will personally see that Simon Busuttil shoulders his responsibility… You can run, but you cannot hide,” he said to applause.

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