Over the years, many betting companies have been launched in Malta. The country now has 300+ iGaming companies. That’s fair enough, as it was one of the first to allow and regulate online gambling. Also, the iGaming industry contributes a lot to Malta's economy. Plus, the Malta Gaming Authority is one of Europe's largest providers of gaming licences. But these successes didn’t happen overnight. After carefully researching Malta's secret to excellence, the industry experts in AussieCasinoReviewer’s team have compiled their insights in this article. Keep reading to understand why Malta is famous for online gaming and what attracts people to the country.

Malta’s online gambling background

Malta started regulating online gambling in 2004 — one of the first EU countries to do so. They made rules called the Remote Gaming Regulations that led to the creation of the Malta Gaming Authority. The MGA guarantees online gambling is safe and fair for everyone. With time, Malta became known for giving licences to online casinos, attracting many companies worldwide. The MGA's strict (and reasonable) rules and quick licensing process make Malta an ideal choice for businesses wanting trust and credibility in online gambling.

Also, being in the European Union helps gambling operators reach more customers across borders. Plus, Malta's stable politics, good infrastructure, and skilled workers are great for online gambling companies' growth. All these and more contribute to Malta now being a top spot for online casinos.

European Union affiliation

Malta must provide fairness and transparency at MGA casino sites.Malta must provide fairness and transparency at MGA casino sites.

Malta is part of the European Union, meaning it follows EU rules for trade between countries. It’s made it easy for MGA casinos to reach more than 500 million customers across Europe. Nonetheless, you can’t be a European Union member if you don't abide by their rules. And, following EU rules also means Malta must provide fairness and transparency at MGA casino sites.

Streamlined regulation and licensing requirements

When businesses choose where to set up, they care a lot about the country's laws and stability. This is especially important for online gambling companies. They want laws that are clear and flexible enough to make good money. In situations where laws change constantly, it's hard for iGaming companies to keep up and plan ahead. And if the laws aren't easy and firm, it's tough for them to survive long-term. That's why online gambling companies prefer places with stable regulations, and Malta is an ideal choice.

The authority MGA sets clear rules for businesses to follow. Lawmakers worked hard to make regulations Malta's foreign iGaming companies would like. The laws are sensible, strict, and stable. When changes do happen, everyone talks about it to find a fair solution.

Also, the Malta Gaming Authority has simplified its process for giving out licences, making it easier and faster for gambling operators than in other places. They offer different licences for various gaming kinds, like online casinos, sports betting, and poker. These credentials are made to fit both big iGaming companies and small startups.

Getting a gaming licence requires gambling operators to meet the country's authority MGA strict rules. This is why all MGA licensed casinos have their iGaming companies registered in Malta, have a clean legal history, and have financial strength. They also have strong systems to keep players safe, manage risks, and prevent money laundering. Plus, they have most of their gambling activities based in Malta, including physical offices and regular checks by regulators.


Getting a gaming licence requires gambling operators to meet the country's authority MGA strict rules.Getting a gaming licence requires gambling operators to meet the country's authority MGA strict rules.

Many MGA licensed casino sites find it cheaper to operate in this country. For instance, compared to other places, getting a gaming licence there costs less. For B2C businesses, the yearly MGA licence fee is €25,000. But those providing only Type 4 games pay €10,000 instead.

For B2B companies, the MGA licence fee ranges from €25,000 to €35,000, depending on their annual income. If they only offer services to Type 4 game providers, they pay €10,000. B2B companies offering only back-office services pay less based on their revenue.

That aside, Malta has a lot of skilled workers who are willing to work for lower wages than in other European countries. Many people speak multiple languages, quite helpful for jobs like customer service, marketing, and technical work. It makes Malta a perfect location for companies that want great yet cost-effective employees.

Also, living in Malta is cheaper than in many other European countries. Businesses often save money on office rent, utilities, and other costs.

Reasonable taxation and several opportunities

Tax collectors often target the gambling industry, imposing high taxes that make it hard for businesses to make a profit. In Malta, however, the iGaming industry faces lower taxes, making it a better place for long-term and sustainable business.

Operating costs in Malta are much lower than in other European countries. Malta's corporate tax rate is 35 per cent, but there are ways for companies to get tax refunds and credits, which might lower the effective tax rate to as low as 5% for some gaming activities.

The country also offers many opportunities for Malta Gaming Authority casinos to grow and reach new markets. Its location in the Mediterranean makes it easy to access markets in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Plus, being part of the EU makes business easier across borders.

Diverse, skilled labour market

Operating costs in Malta are much lower than in other European countries.Operating costs in Malta are much lower than in other European countries.

Malta has a diverse workforce with skilled professionals in areas like gaming regulations, software making, marketing, and customer service. As mentioned earlier, its location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is a great advantage. It attracts people from many different backgrounds, making it a great place for businesses that need multilingual staff.


Also, since living in Malta is cheaper than in many other European countries, skilled workers looking for jobs abroad find the country appealing. Plus, there are plenty of affordable homes, healthcare, and other things that make life better for employees.

Exceptional setting and quality of life

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has stunning views and nice weather. Countrymen and foreigners enjoy a laid-back life with lots of outdoor activities and interesting cultural events. The island has modern facilities, great healthcare, and schools that follow international standards, making life comfortable. Malta's diverse community is welcoming to everyone, and its rich history adds to its charm. Cities like Valletta give off both old and modern vibes for shopping, fun, and cultural experiences. Malta is a great place for businesses and people who want a satisfying lifestyle.


Is it okay to bet online in Malta?

Yes, you can bet online in Malta. The country has strict rules and licences to guarantee safe betting.

Is Malta a safe place for online casinos?

Yes, Malta is very safe and stable. It has stable politics, low crime, and great rules, making it safe for businesses and people.

Can I use Malta betting websites from other countries?

Yes, many betting websites from Malta accept players from around the world. You should check your local laws first, though.

How long does it take to get a betting licence in Malta?

It varies, but usually a few months. It depends on how complex your application is and how quickly you respond. The Malta Gaming Authority tries to decide fast.

What payment methods can I use on Malta betting websites?

You can use safe payment methods like credit cards and e-wallets at mga casinos.

Disclaimer: Play responsibly. Players must be over 18. For help visit https://www.gamcare.org.uk/

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