Malta’s entry to the Eurovision finished last during the competition’s first semi-final with a total of three points, according to official results.

The Busker performed their song Dance (Our Own Party) on Tuesday with 14 others, all looking to make it to the top 10 of the night and secure a place in Saturday’s grand finale. 

But semi-final results published on Sunday morning show that Malta finished last on the night and only managed to garner two points from Israel and one point from those watching the Eurovision in countries that were not participating in the contest.  

Serbia placed 10th, managing to squeeze into the qualifying countries with 37 points. 

Following news of their failure to qualify on Tuesday, The Busker said they were not disheartened because they could remember where they started from just a short time ago.  

“We know how, every year, there are people who say it is useless participating. Don't even think that. As a band we started off with just 1,200 followers on Instagram, now we have 14K. This was enough of an opportunity for people to get to know us,” they said. 

“For those thinking about participating next year, go for it, it is an opportunity like no other,” David ‘Dav. Jr’ Meilak, a member of the three-man band said.  

Unlike previous competitions, this year’s two semi-finals were determined wholly by a public vote and viewers could vote up to 20 times instead of once for the same or different countries.  

Fans outside countries participating in the contest could also vote as a collective “rest of the world” during semi-finals and Saturday’s final.  

A combination of jury and public voting determined the grand finale.   

Malta votes for Sweden and Italy 

On Saturday, the Maltese jury and the public gave 22 points each to winners Sweden and neighbours Italy.  

The Maltese jury gave Loreen of Sweden the douze (12) points, Italy 10, and Finland eight. The public gave Italy’s Marco Mengoni 12 points, Sweden 10 and Finland eight.  

The United Kingdom, often popular with Maltese Eurovision viewers, received four points from the public vote and no points from the jury.

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