All human beings are the people of God and progeny of Adam. Allah Almighty says: He loves those who love His people and take care of them and feels mercy for them who feel mercy for His people.

Service to humanity has always been a central point of all the religions, and alms giving is addressed by all of them. Every religion teaches its believers to be of service through practical assistance, raising of funds and devotion of time and energy for those who are in need.

The generosity I saw on December 27 in L-Istrina made me appreciate this with the depth of my heart. The fact that more than €1.2 million were donated to the needy in just one day is really a thing to be widely appreciated. It shows the generosity of the Maltese people and their love of helping the poor and most vulnerable.

I would also like to express appreciation for the hosts of the programme, Peppi Azzopardi and Valerie Vella, who did a great job. They kept busy throughout the programme urging the audience to donate to charity and they did not rest. It showed their deep love and devotion towards this important charity programme. I pray, may Allah Almighty bless us all and accept our donations and help us to perform a great service to humanity and may He enable us to provide assistance to our needy brothers.

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