Alfie Gatt is an artist who paints, records the creative process and shares it through various social media platforms.

His latest work is It-Tieqa tad-Dwejra (Dwejra’s window). March 8 marked the fourth anniversary of the Azure Window’s collapse during heavy storms.  

This piece is the artist’s tribute to the natural gem which is no more.

Born in 1985, Gatt demonstrated a love for art since early childhood.  

He studied at the Institute of Art and Design and graduated in 2005.

He then taught himself the techniques of video editing and 2D animations.

In his paintings, he captures the intimacy of solitude and silence, by creating a dreamlike atmosphere that allows the viewer to enter a state of internal peace.  

The viewer is invited to delve into nature and nostalgically ponder on memories, on past times when we were more in tune with our environment and when we lived a more simple life. 

Gatt’s current style is a mix of the figurative and the surreal.  

He describes his artistic work as a balance and marriage of graphical and fine art.

He is proficient in multiple mediums such as watercolour, ink, coloured pencil, acrylic, and wax pastels.

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