Carmelo Grech, the man arrested in Libya, is being detained by anti-Islamist General Khalifa Haftar’s army after he and three other men were allegedly caught carrying over €300,000 in an airport in east Libya, according to sources.

Mr Grech, a maritime captain who has “strong links” to Libya, was detained at Al Abraq airport in the city of Al Bayda two weeks ago, just as he was preparing to board the plane with a Jordanian and two Algerians. Militia of Haftar’s Libyan National Army arrested Mr Grech together with his three companions and them to their headquarters in the city of Al Marj, 83km east of Benghazi.

While in Libya Mr Grech was contacted to travel to Benghazi to collect the cash, sources said. It is not yet clear why he picked up this sum.

This, however, was not the end of his journey, as from Benghazi, Mr Grech turned
around and travelled 170km back to Al Bayda’s airport.

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