A man who in 2018 beat up a woman in her home while she slept was on Monday sentenced to four and a half years in prison.

Keith Gravina was sentenced to three years in prison for causing grievous injuries to the woman and was handed a further 18-month sentence for committing a crime after being handed two suspended sentences.

Gravina separately stands accused of assaulting another woman last October,  injuring her grievously by hitting her with a metal rod, holding her against her will, as well as unlawful possession and procurement of cocaine.

On Monday, the 41-year-old was handed judgement of the 2018 assault.

Throughout proceedings, the court had heard how Gravina was at the victim's Birkirkara apartment in the early hours of September 13.

In her testimony, the victim had said Gravina was a regular client in the bar where she used to work before she opened her own cafeteria. 

On the day of the assault, Gravina was at the victim's cafeteria with another person till closing time. They then decided to continue drinking at her apartment. 

After some time, the victim went to sleep in her bedroom, leaving Gravina in the apartment.

She testified that while she was sleeping, Gravina punched her, took off her clothes and "tried to kill her" with an extension cord, the court judgement reads. 

Photos taken by the victim and presented to the court show the extent of the injuries. A doctor had confirmed that the injuries were "grievous".

The court heard how the victim fought back and shouted for help. A flatmate called the police. When police officers arrived close to the apartment, they spotted a man running fleeing the scene. 

PC Carol Spiteri told court that they chased and caught the man who turned out to be Gravina. Police testified that Gravina's hands were bloodied. 

The evidence left no doubt in the mind of Magistrate Leonard Caruana that Gravina was guilty of causing grievous bodily harm.

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