Mater Dei Hospital staff held a show of solidarity on Tuesday in the wake of the shocking murder of a black migrant. 

Staff members wore T-shirts with the slogans #Bettertogether and #Stophate in an act of solidarity after two Armed Forces of Malta soldiers were arraigned with shooting dead an Ivorian migrant. 

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"As a multi-national, multi-faith, multi-cultural organization MDH is living proof of the benefits that arise when individuals from across the globe, with different backgrounds come together with one aim; to deliver top quality care to whoever needs it," a statement from Mater Dei's administration uploaded on Facebook said. 

"From the invisible maintenance guy on the roof, the cleaner in the lobby, the carer beside your bed, the nurse delivering care in your ward, the pharmacists and allied professionals across the hospital, the surgeon leading interventions, the silent anaesthesiologist delivering essential care, these individuals enrich us, make us better, help us break down the natural barriers and limitations we as a country are born with."

The administration said the only language that matters is patient care, because the only important culture is patient safety.

"This is who we are and why we stand here today. We stand in silence against prejudice and hatred."

Staff gathered outside Mater Dei's hospital entrance.Staff gathered outside Mater Dei's hospital entrance.

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