The theory of Noosphere, first formulated by Volodymyr Vernadsky, speaks of humanity moving to the third stage of development. The idea of a new stage of human evolution is envisioned in both cultural and scientific thought and has many advocates among Ukrainian entrepreneurs. A hundred years after it was formulated, the Noosphere theory found a passionate supporter in Ukrainian space businessman Maxym Polyakov. The entrepreneur believes technology should be aimed at helping humanity evolve.

In February 2022, when Russia openly invaded Ukraine, Polyakov saw an opportunity to help his homeland and compatriots. Thanks to his involvement and business connections, plenty of innovative defense technologies have made their way to the Ukrainian frontlines, supporting both the military and the civilians. Some of this technology will one day be used to restore the war-damaged infrastructure. 

Max Polyakov’s space expertise to help Ukrainians

Immediately after Russia’s invasion, Dr Polyakov made use of his space businesses and expertise to save Ukrainian lives. As a founder of several successful space businesses, including EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA), and a major investor in several space companies, he possesses unique knowledge of how space technologies can shield people from harm. 

Today’s warfare is the opposition of equipment, and collecting intelligence plays a critical part in gaining an advantage over the enemy. The Ukrainian Armed Forces rely on satellite imagery to get insight into Russian troops’ location and movements, which helps them take defensive and counter-offensive measures without wasting any precious lives. Polyakov was one of the first people to encourage the use of satellite imagery not only for defence but also for organising humanitarian missions. 

More space tech initiatives to strengthen Ukrainian defences 

Polyakov also initiated a cooperation agreement between EOSDA and European satellite provider GEOSAT. Thanks to this arrangement, the Ukrainian Army now has access to up-to-date satellite imagery, keeping them informed about enemy movements. However, collecting military intelligence is not the only purpose of this space initiative; eventually, this same satellite data will serve the peaceful purpose of rebuilding any infrastructure damaged during the war and keeping track of the ecological situation in Ukraine and worldwide. 

In the official comment on this deal, Polyakov stated that satellite capabilities would help enhance ecological initiatives and strengthen the development of local industries in Ukraine. The primary purpose of satellite imagery is to get next-to-real-time information on all potential areas of concern — not just at the front but also at the rear. More importantly, it should eventually give Ukraine new opportunities for rebuilding the country and alleviating the consequences of war. 

Ukrainian SAR satellite initiative 

Even though Ukraine gets a lot of satellite imagery from global space tech providers, it soon became evident that more SAR (synthetic aperture radar) capabilities were necessary to help combat the aggressor. In August, Ukrainian politician and entrepreneur Serhii Prytula announced purchasing a SAR satellite through his charity foundation. The spacecraft is already strengthening the country’s defenses, and according to Prytula, Maxym Polyakov’s connections and space expertise played a major role in this important acquisition. Experts from EOS Data Analytics supervised the technical part of the deal, sharing their experience and pointing out the best options for boosting Ukrainian defenses. In his turn, Polyakov assisted in making the actual business transaction, ensuring the deal went smoothly and competently.

Max Polyakov’s charity donations to Ukraine 

After the beginning of the full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, plenty of non-profit charitable initiatives emerged. Thanks to many conscious and critical-thinking entrepreneurs like Max Polyakov, established businesses and new startups in Ukraine got an opportunity to engage in a wide range of helpful activities. Even in the first weeks of the invasion, the media found new creative ways of spreading true facts about this war, businesses managed to sanction Russian companies, and volunteers found multiple ways to assist the Ukrainian Army. 

Polyakov was one of the first public figures to offer financial support. His donation to TAPS, an organization that helps war victims, was one of the first money influxes into this charity foundation. In April, Polyakov donated another $1.3 million to Prytula’s newly established charity fund. Further on, he purchased a hundred anti-drone weapons from the Ukrainian company Kvertus, ensuring the Army could disable enemy drones carrying explosives. In addition, Maxym Polyakov made a donation to the government project Army of Drones, aimed at increasing defense and intelligence capabilities. 

Today, space technologies are one of the primary driving forces helping Ukrainians protect their sovereignty. Most innovative space initiatives are aimed at helping people protect themselves from Russian aggression. What’s even more important, these technologies will one day be used to restore Ukraine after the war. So, Polyakov’s technological contribution to his country’s well-being will one day serve a more peaceful but equally important purpose. 

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