Twenty sites of natural, cultural and historic importance in Kalkara have been scheduled by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA).

The authority said some 400,000 square metres of land had been scheduled for their scientific (geological) and ecological importance. They contain most of the remaining natural open space around Kalkara.

The cultural assets that have been scheduled include a 19th century water mill and the elegant baroque and classical style Capuchin convent, cloistered grounds and gardens. Two sets of cart ruts situated at a short distance from the valley have also been scheduled, together with a 50-metre buffer zone.

Many of the historic sites scheduled in Rinella valley are from the British period and military in nature. They include the 19th century Fort Rinella with its 100-ton gun, a gun powder store situated close to Rinella Bay, an abandoned cemetery close to Bighi, Wied Ghammieq cemetery, several military barracks, a pill box at Ta' Tewma and the neo-gothic naval cemetery in St Rocco Street.

Also in Rinella, MEPA has scheduled a farmhouse in Italian Military Mission Street, which is typical of Maltese vernacular architecture, two ventilator shafts which are an interesting example of sewerage engineering and a number of villas with extensive gardens at Ta' Tewma which once served as admiralty quarters.

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