Trading in Malta International Airport shares reached a new low yesterday when 1,425 shares change hands at Lm0.678. Following yesterday's session 1,000 shares at Lm0.60 and 1,315 shares at Lm0.678 were the best outstanding bids and offers respectively.

Minimal price movement was witnessed in Bank of Valletta share's price over the course of the week. Trading opened at Lm2.30 on Monday and closed at Lm2.32 yesterday, after having reached a high of Lm2.33. Eight deals were struck in all, over which 14,450 shares changed hands. 85 shares at Lm2.30 and 1,000 shares at Lm2.32 were the best outstanding bids and offers as at the close of business yesterday.

Forty-two deals were struck in Maltacom shares during the week. 79,505 shares changed hands between the opening price of Lm0.94 and the closing price of Lm0.87. Of these, 22,950 shares were traded in six put-through deals during Thursday's trading session. Best bids for 2,500 shares at Lm0.86 stood against best offers of 3,390 shares at Lm0.92 at the end of yesterday's trading session.

International Hotels Investments shares closed the week at Lm0.949, equal to a gain of 3.377 per cent on the opening price of Lm 0.918. 19,515 shares changed hands over 13 deals, while trading ranged between a high of Lm0.95 and a low of Lm0.91. As yesterday's session drew to a close, 300 shares at Lm0.85 were the best bids outstanding, while 12,358 shares at Lm0.95 were the best unsatisfied offers.

In a company announcement issued on Monday, the board of directors of Plaza Centres plc approved the publication of the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2002. These show a turnover of Lm608,823 (year ended December 31, 2001: Lm563,104), Profit after taxation amounted to Lm224,777 (year ended December 31, 2001: Lm204,272) and earnings per share of 2c4 (year ended December 31, 2001: 2c2). The directors also recommended the payment of a full year net dividend of Lm240,000 to be announced at the forthcoming annual general meeting.

Another company announcement issued by Global Financial Services Group detailed the application to list further shares, already issued and allotted in favour of British American Insurance Co. Ltd on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange, as well as changes in directors.

The other equities which traded during the week were: 1,000 HSBC Bank Malta shares at Lm4.05; 2,792 Lombard Bank shares at Lm3.70; 1,500 Simonds Farsons Cisk shares at Lm0.652 and Lm0.65 and 500 Global Financial Services Group shares at Lm0.175.

Trading over the week in Corporate Bonds was made up of a total value of Lm89,825, while total Malta Government Stock turnover over the week amounted to a nominal value of Lm457,700 being struck in 34 deals over 11 different stocks.

The Malta Stock Exchange Share Index decreased by 4.577 points or 0.246 per cent over the week and now stands at 1,858.972.

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