Missio Malta is organising its annual marathon on Saturday to raise funds in aid of its projects in developing countries.

The marathon, themed ‘You can help’, will be broadcast live from 11am till 11pm, on ONE TV, NET TV, F Living and Xejk TV, as well as on TVM’s website.

Robert Farrugia, Missio Malta head of communications and fundraising, said the marathon is crucial for the charity NGO’s operations because in those 12 hours it raises a substantial part of the funds it needs to continue its projects in developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

The projects will be highlighted by means of stories of the beneficiaries, such as Fiona and Catherine, five-year-old twins from Uganda. The village they live in has no access to clean, potable water, so together with their families they are forced to walk for miles every day instead of going to school. Worse still, the stream they collect water from is often not clean enough, resulting in sickness and further suffering.

Part of the funds Missio Malta is collecting will go towards building a borehole close to Fiona and Catherine’s village. This will save them from all the walking they currently must do every day, so they will be able to start going to school instead.

Farrugia appealed to the generosity of the Maltese and Gozitans to help Fiona and Catherine and many other thousands of children spread around the world who need help most.

Besides donating during the marathon on Saturday, people may make their donations in the days leading to and after the marathon through BOV Mobile Pay 7723 6962, or by calling 5180 2064 to donate €25, or calling 5190 2061 to donate €50.

For further information visit this website.

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