No carnival activities are being held in Nadur this year, the locality's local council said on Tuesday.

It said it will not be holding any events, and will not issue permits for any activities.

Rumours that there will be any carnival activity in the locality were baseless, it said.

The council warned that no one should use the spontaneity of the Nadur Carnival as an excuse to meet or gather people in the locality. The police will be on hand to ensure that no law or directive issued by the health authorities is breached.

The council said that although Nadur is synonymous with carnival, this is not the time to gather people or organise activities which involve masses of people.

It said that it had already cancelled other activities in the past year, including the Mnarja Agrarian exhibition, the wine festival, halloween, Nadur 8K and Christmas events.

Health came first, it said.

Times of Malta reported on Sunday that carnival activities have been called off this year because of the pandemic and social media posts claiming otherwise are fake.

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