Nestlé Malta, one of the country’s largest manufacturers and importers of food products and much-loved brands such as Nescafé, KitKat, Fitness Cereals and Purina pet food, has exceeded expectations once again.  The third edition of Nestlé’s Clothes Collection Drive turned out to be another enormous achievement, surpassing last year’s success with more than double the clothes collected in 2021.

Earlier in October, Nestlé Malta had launched this charitable initiative, as part of their strategy to promote corporate social responsibility (CSR). As in previous years, the public were encouraged to donate items of clothing at the Nestlé Consumer Centre in Lija, which Nestlé Malta would then match with the equivalent weight in food donations. Through their local NGO partners, they would then distribute the much-needed food and clothes, in turn creating awareness of social and -economic hardships, encouraging community spirit and promoting sustainability.

“In this way, together with your help, we are doing our best to safeguard the environment and our communities,” said Anita Olton, Corporate Communications Manager at Nestlé Malta.

In a period of just 30 days, the result achieved this year, has been simply remarkable – Nestlé Malta together with the public’s help, managed to collect an impressive 28 pallets worth of clothes, amounting to 4,910kg. Last year’s scheme had collected 1,701kg weight of clothes hence the amount collected this time makes this year’s edition the best one by far! Nestlé Malta will now be matching the weight of clothes collected with an equivalent donation of food, to those in need through their local NGOs partners Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, YMCA and Caritas.

Nestlé Malta together with the public’s help, managed to collect an impressive 28 pallets worth of clothes.Nestlé Malta together with the public’s help, managed to collect an impressive 28 pallets worth of clothes.

“The generosity and compassion shown by the public is second to none. Giving gifts is an old tradition that brings joy to both givers and receivers. The best presents are made with love, care, and attention, and this is surely one of them! On behalf of Nestlé Malta, I wish to sincerely thank all those who made this year’s edition of the Nestlé Clothes Collection Drive truly unique,” said Anita Olton, Corporate Communications Manager at Nestlé Malta. 

The company has a strong track record of CSR initiatives, which contribute positively for the well-being and community awareness in our society. This particular initiative showcases Nestlé's company purpose very well - to unlock the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come. 

The locally based global company, also trusts that performing social responsibilities towards the environment helps to attain sustainable environmental development and circular economy where possible. So much so, that they submitted the Clothes Collection Drive as a nomination for the European Week of Waste Reduction Awards in conjunction with Wasteserv.

At its very core, the Nestlé Consumer Centre is a recycling hub that encourages and educates consumers on separation and recycling of materials and ultimately waste reduction. It is therefore very befitting that the Clothes Collection Drive which also promoted sustainability and environmental care, be the place in which to host the initiative. Nestlé Malta together with GreenPak are working towards a better environment and ensuring that packaging material placed on the market through Nestlé ’s trading activities are recycled properly.

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