An evolution in financial technology awaits you with the arrival of Sheetsway's AI Audit Software, Workspace, and VAT Automation Tool. We are eager to show you how these tools will transform your professional practice.

Sheetsway tools

Sheetsway stands at the helm of innovation with a suite of sophisticated tools designed to refine and reinvigorate accounting and audit workflows:


Embedded with OCR and AI technology, each Sheetsway tool unshackles new potential for productivity and precision.

Features of AI Audit Software

  • Automates the classification of trial balance
  • Generates procedures based on engagement risk and industry nature
  • Monitors and ensures audit standard compliance
  • Provides real-time, expert AI assistance with guidelines and regulations
  • Generates vital financial documents efficiently, such as Financial Statements and Audit Letters

Transform the way you execute your audit and accounting engagements by reducing timelines up to 60 per cent.

Perks of the Client Portal

Perks of the Client Portal.Perks of the Client Portal.

The Client Portal propels the audit experience to new heights, championing interaction and timely communication between auditors and clients.

Advantages of Workspace

Advantages of Workspace.Advantages of Workspace.

Workspace stands as a testament to efficient document management, leveraging technology to transform hours into minutes.

Benefits of VAT Automation Tool

VAT Tool.VAT Tool.

This tool redefines VAT compliance, serving both small businesses and large enterprises with equal finesse.

Tackling the skills shortage with innovative software

Addressing the demand for capable finance professionals, Sheetsway's suite offers practical solutions. Our user-friendly interface combined with an assisted chat feature that provides both learning and problem-solving support, seeks to bridge the industry's skill gap.

Interactive Demo

Experience how Sheetsway can enhance your work by delving into the interactive video previews available for accountants and auditors:

Discover how these tools can optimize your workflows and simplify complex tasks.

Sheetsway's suite stands ready to elevate your work quality and reduce time spent on routine operations. Prepare for an intersection of innovation and practicality that will transform your auditing and accounting work for the better.

Event launch details (free trials)

At Sheetsway, we recognise the unique challenges and needs of each accounting and auditing firm. Beyond offering standard solutions, we specialise in customising our software, including a tailored portal to automate your firm's specific workflows. Our dedicated team works closely with you to ensure our AI Audit Software, Client Portal, Workspace, or VAT Automation Tool not only integrates perfectly with your existing operations but also elevates your operational efficiency. Embrace Sheetsway's commitment to bespoke solutions and transform your firm's approach to finance management with technology that adapts to your unique business needs.

We cordially invite you to the launch of Sheetsway's innovative tools on January 25 at Magazino Hall, Valletta Waterfront. The event will commence at 7pm, featuring a showcase of our AI Audit Software, in-depth demos, and expert discussions. RSVP to secure your participation at Confirm Your Attendance to retrieve your free trial and join us for an evening of technology discovery.

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