New generations of workers are challenging the conventional wisdom that corporate leadership takes many years to accumulate, bringing fresh perspectives, new approaches, and a different mindset to management. This next-gen approach to leadership without the institutional blinders that often stifle innovation, resonates deeply with Epic, the youngest operator to enter the local market, defying conventions, and reshaping industry standards.

Now, with the recent appointment of Suzanne Spiteri as the new Chief Commercial Officer, Epic reaffirms its strategy to tap into its own talent and drive forward-looking strategies. Here Spiteri reflects on how this role will continue to unlock opportunities for personal and professional growth, leveraging her extensive experience in sales, retail, and product marketing, and driving impactful growth on Epic’s journey in supporting a future-proof Malta.

Spiteri’s trajectory is a story of dedication, growth, and innovation, exemplifying the operator’s ethos of promoting personal and professional growth from its talent pipeline. She joined nearly a decade ago as a product owner, and swiftly ascended the ranks, taking on lead retail and marketing positions, as her commitment to growth and excellence, align seamlessly with Epic's commitment to authenticity, one team, passion, and challenger values.

Her transition from marketing to retail revealed an affinity for leveraging data to enhance customer experiences, solidifying her belief in data-driven decision-making, emphasizing the importance of leveraging data for tangible business outcomes, and embodying Epic’s challenger spirit of adaptability and resilience.

"As a company, we love what we do, and we really get excited about all of our projects and goals," Spiteri remarks. "This helps to make us resilient when encountering the next big challenge, and to maintain enthusiasm even in the face of challenges, “she says. “This is why we can achieve results we wouldn’t have imagined were possible."

Her next-generation leadership style is characterized by a flexible approach that recognizes and leverages the unique skill sets of each team member, embodying Epic's value of one team. She is unequivocal about her plans to accommodate the diverse strengths and capabilities of her team, recognizing everyone’s potential to contribute to Epic's goals. "We value teamwork, and we embrace diversity," she says.  

She also plans to harness her next-gen skill set to tackle the challenges of the business segment head-on, prioritizing growth and adaptability within the Epic for Business dedicated team. She understands that building up her team's capabilities and infrastructure, means investing in people management practices that promote professional development and career growth.

"There’s no hill or mountain we don’t aim to climb and conquer," Spiteri says. "When looking at the overall industry, we know it can be better, so we make sure to be the ones to make it happen, by pushing the boundaries to the best of our abilities."

This strategic focus extends beyond internal operations to the enhancement of customer experiences within the B2B space, aligning with Epic's promise of authenticity. Through innovative approaches and personalized engagement strategies, Suzanne aims to elevate the overall customer experience, positioning Epic as a trusted partner in the B2B arena.

"My job in this role is to come up with creative solutions to problems that have not yet been solved," Spiteri states. "This can be more difficult when you’ve been operating in an existing way of doing things. But as the youngest player in the telco market, Epic has never felt bound by those preconceived notions – and this creates a breeding ground for freer thinking."

Spiteri’s journey from product owner to strategic leader exemplifies Epic’s dedication to nurturing talent and fostering growth from within, while charting new territories and redefining industry standards. "I am excited to embark on this journey with the incredible team at Epic," she concludes, radiating optimism for the future.

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