Love Letter, a new collection of paintings by Alfie Gatt, is intended to capture the intimacy of solitude and silence.

The scenes create a dreamlike atmosphere, allowing the viewer to escape into a trance of peace, delving into nature where one feels most comfortable.

The blank spaces are an interpretation of a transition of the state of mind, when an individual pauses to ponder nostalgically on memories and feelings that cry out to be revived in such senses of the past.

The inspiration came through the artist’s observations of how the human behaviour has changed in the past decade and how dependent we have become on technology; we are willing to trade in the beauty and supremacy of nature that surrounds us for these virtual gadgets.

It was this that inspired Gatt to incorporate nature in his art, as a representation of the past, when we used to care so much more about what’s happening around us and simplicity.

He decided to film most of his artwork processes to allow further room for subjective and appreciative interpretation.

The intention is to not only have an expressive visual of two minutes but to reach out to admirers to look beyond the portrait and appreciate its beginnings and birth.

Love Letter is running at Iniala5 Galleries, 37, Old Treasury Street, Valletta until November 17.

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