What measures have been introduced through the new Regulations for the Environmental Management of Construction Sites?

The regulations have introduced a number of measures that will aid in minimising nuisance to neighbours and the public, reduce discharges to the environment including dust emissions and spillages of building materials and improve the visual impact of construction sites and their immediate environment.

Two of these measures include that:

1. Screed sand and other loose building materials shall be transported, deposited and stored on site in rigid containers with suitable covers or flexible sturdy containers that can be appropriately sealed, which material can support the weight being contained, to permit the total enclosure of such materials at all times and which shall be kept sealed when not in use.

2. No building material, waste, machinery or plant shall be allowed to obstruct the pavement or the smooth flow of traffic in the vicinity of the site on which works are in progress or complete. Depositing of building materials for loading or unloading purposes and placing of equipment in the street along the frontage of the site have to be authorised by the local council.

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