BirdLife Malta has urged members of the Ornis Committee to refrain from taking a decision on whether to open another spring hunting season and let the government shoulder the responsibility of the decision.

The organisation sent a letter to the committee members last Friday in reaction to the agenda circulated in advance of today's scheduled meeting. The Ornis Committee makes recommendations to the government on hunting and trapping issues.

The members were told that "since the spring hunting issue is now being taken to the European Court of Justice and since the government has publicly announced it will defend its position in the court, it is now the government's responsibility to decide whether or not it will allow another spring hunting and trapping season in 2008".

The letter was signed by BirdLife Malta president Joseph Mangion and conservation manager Andre Raine, who represent BirdLife on the Ornis Committee.

"Last year, the government had overridden the Ornis Committee and decided to open a spring hunting season. Now that the issue is being referred to the European Court, the government should not attempt to put the burden on the Ornis Committee but should fully shoulder the responsibility of its decisions," said Mr Mangion.

Environment Minister George Pullicino had said the government was awaiting the Ornis Committee's recommendations.

BirdLife said it would be presenting its position paper on the demands made by the hunters' federation, the FKNK, which were sent to the Ornis Committee chairman last month.

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