An argument over an ice bucket at a nightclub two years ago landed a partygoer a four-month jail term and left a bouncer at the doors with a grievous facial injury.

Kevin Turner, 43, had been partying with friends at the club in the limits of Birkirkara in April 2015 when, just on his way out at around 1.30am, he got into an argument with one of the bouncers at the door.

The latter had stopped Mr Turner, who appeared to be hiding something under his jersey, when the argument broke out.

Another security team member later recounted how he had suddenly caught sight of an ice bucket flying straight towards him moments before it struck him on the face, just above the eyebrows. The next moment the victim was lying on the floor, blood streaming down his face.

The injured bouncer had to receive treatment for the laceration which required stitching and left a permanent disfigurement visible even at the time when the victim appeared in court to testify in the criminal proceedings against the accused.

The aggressor was held by other members of staff until the police arrived at the scene of the commotion.

The latter was charged with grievously injuring the victim, being in possession of a pointed instrument, breaching public order and with being drunk in a public place. The man was also charged with relapsing.

The court, presided over by Magistrate Doreen Clarke, heard the testimony of the people directly involved in the episode and of various individuals including two off-duty police officers and the club owner who informed the court that CCTV footage of the incident was not available since it had been overwritten.

Mr Turner claimed that the ice bucket flew out of his hand when one of the security guards tried to grab it himself. But the club official had testified that Mr Turner had pulled the container out of his zipped up jumper and aimed it at his colleague's head in reaction to questioning. 

Given the nature of the injury caused by this action, the court concluded that only an intentional and forceful impact could have resulted in such an injury, thereby lending less credibility to the deposition of the accused.

Declaring the man guilty of all the charges, the court condemned him to a jail term of four months and a fine of €116.47. It ordered the confiscation of the penknife found in his possession at the time of the brawl and banned the accused from holding an arms licence for five years.

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