People who not want their gender specified on identification documents can now amend their gender details, with a neutral X marker option coming into force tomorrow.

Anyone wishing not to specify whether they are male or female on their documents can do so by merely providing a sworn statement signed by a notary, Equality Minister Helena Dalli announced.

“This is a licence to be yourself and essentially the government is recognising that anyone can be free to identify in any way,” Dr Dalli told reporters.

She pointed out that in the past, those who did not identify as either male or female were treated as second-class citizens, adding that other countries will now be able to look up to Malta as an inspiration.

Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms, Citizenship and Simplification of Administrative Processes Julia Farrugia explained that the process will be a simple one and those wishing to change their gender to one which is not specified will be able to do so in a few minutes.

“As of tomorrow, those who want to change their passport, ID card number or resident permit can opt for the gender-neutral X marker freely. The process will be quick and will not involve any unnecessary questioning or embarrassing scrutiny,” Ms Farrugia said.

She also pointed out that the necessary mechanisms required have been updated, insisting that there will be no change in the level of security at Identity Malta despite the simplified process.

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