How does communication fit into the way we form our relationships? How do communication and relationships inform and affect each other? These are just some of the questions being asked by performers Rochelle Gatt and Jacob Piccinino in Quo Vadis?, a new piece of physical theatre being presented on June 23 and 24 at St Dominic’s Theatre (Sala San Duminku) in Valletta.

Taking these key concepts of communication and relationships, Quo Vadis? follows two unique creatures as they navigate their world, and each other, in search of a shared language. Audiences will watch on while they explore various methods of communication, working with and around each other to strike a balance.

However, as they carry on in this search, solitude, friction, and conflict constantly step in to disrupt their focus. Quo Vadis? examines the elements that can guide these two creatures, help them to tune in to each other's frequencies and find their way towards the path of being together.

Quo Vadis? is performed by Rochelle Gatt and Jacob Piccinino, who are also the co-creators of this physical theatre performance. Combining original sound design by Kenneth Sacco with costume design by Zoe Camilleri, Quo Vadis? brings exciting, local artists together in the creation of a new piece of physical theatre. The team is being mentored by Ruth Borg, who has provided a safe environment for the development of the piece.

This performance kicks off the second phase for Cheek to Cheek, a local initiative established by Gatt, which has brought the Amsterdam-developed DASarts Feedback Method to Malta. The method invites creative practitioners to create non-hierarchical spaces which move away from harsh and non-constructive criticism towards the artist. Quo Vadis? was in fact one of the works presented for feedback during two workshops organised earlier this year, and is now being premiered following a process of research and development.

Talking about the creation of Quo Vadis? and the predators tempering our means of communicating in today’s world, Gatt said that: “these predators are not lions anymore, but our mailboxes, or the infinite multiple distractions that co-exist with our human nature”. Reflecting on how human beings are doing better in wider coalitions but poorer in intimate or individual connections, Gatt commented on her hope that this work will allow her team of collaborators to share such reflections with their audiences.

The physical theatre performance will be presented to the public on Thursday June 23 and Friday June 24 at St Dominic’s Theatre (Sala San Duminku) in Valletta. Each performance has a limited number of seats available and tickets can be purchased online here.   

Quo Vadis? is part of the Cheek to Cheek initiative, which is supported by Arts Council Malta, MCAST, Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, APS Bank and the Valletta Design Cluster.

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