The Labour Party has resorted to lies, the Nationalist Party charged on Wednesday, as it flatly denied a Labour claim that it would stop issuing tax refund cheques if it is returned to parliament.

It pointed out that the PN electoral programme says that further encouragement would be given to those who work, pay tax and contribute to the economy.

Those earning under €20,000 would be given a tax credit of 10% in tax paid the previous year.

Those earning between €20,000 and €40,000 would be given a 5% tax credit, while those earning between €40,001 and €60,000 would get a credit of 3%.

The tax rate for those earning between €60,001 and €80,000 will be 25%. 

The PN said it is also promising not to raise the rates of social security contributions, VAT or income tax through the legislature while overpaid electricity bills would be reimbursed.  

The PN said Labour was in panic because it had not been able yet to put together its electoral programme. 

'Negative party'

PN leader Bernard Grech also hit out at the 'Labour lies' when he spoke in Senglea on Wednesday in a question and answer session.

He said a Nationalist government would leave more money in people's pockets.

Labour, he said, was showing itself to be the negative party by also lying when it said that the PN would drop aid to people living in leased properties.

Labour were also spinning his comments on hunting and IVF, among others, Grech said.  

Financial aid and support for those seeking IVF treatment

During the event, a woman seeking to become a mother through IVF treatment noted that couples who have gone abroad to seek treatment have been told that according to a 2018 law, their embryos cannot now be brought to Malta. She asked what would be done about it, saying this was a measure that was painful.

Grech reiterated the PN's commitment to give all financial aid needed by people seeking IVF treatment, whether that treatment was made in Malta or abroad, including medicines. He recalled that when the PN first promised to fund all medicines, the government tried to ridicule it, then said it would do the same.

“They are prepared to lie even on matters that hurt people," he said. Laws, he said, would also be amended because nothing should stand in the way of helping women to become mothers. And a PN government would ensure there was a resident IVF consultant in Malta, rather than one who came to Malta every so often. 

In other comments, Grech also spoke on sports and reiterated a commitment for a motorsport track to be built at Ħal Far, while ensuring that Birzebbuġa residents did not suffer any more noise pollution. 

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