Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech acknowledged on Wednesday that the surveys were not in the PN's favour and confirmed that it was an uphill struggle for the party, which was the underdog in this election.

Speaking during a political activity in Msida, Grech was asked about the surveys which showed that PN was in for another heavy defeat.

Grech said his job was to continue showing people that there was a need for change and that the PN was the better choice for the electorate and the country.

Asked whether he would make space for others in the eventuality of an electoral defeat, Grech said he had chosen to enter politics for the party and the country.

“Since I took over, a year and four months ago, the Opposition became stronger. It is true it is not reflected in the numbers but this goes to show how we are the underdogs.

"We do not spend millions on events so that contractors help us in the campaign. I will continue working hard. I am focused on the general election. The road is difficult and it’s an uphill struggle, but I will be here for the party and for the country,” he said to applause.

He said that the party’s regeneration has been ongoing since he took over and many things had changed since then.

Asked whether he would prefer stopping the sale of citizenship or continue it so that he would have more funds to carry out more projects, Grech said he would make sure that there are other revenue streams and not face a Hobson’s choice.

Prime Minister Robert Abela had no other choice because he did not create any other economic niches, he said.

Grech also said during the event he is willing to consider land reclamation projects and offshore wind farms as long as these are studied properly. 

Asked about former PN MP Franco Debono, Grech said that his door was open to anyone willing to work with him. He said Debono had a lot to offer, not necessarily as an election candidate.

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