Saturday's election results meant that the Nationalist Party could present itself as an alternative government, Bernard Grech said on Monday. 

Speaking on Net Television, the PN leader said that he achieved two of the three goals he set for himself when he became leader of the Nationalist Party four years ago. 

“The first aim was to unite the party, and the second was to reduce the government’s majority," Grech said.

“Our next goal is to present ourselves as an alternative the people deserve.”  

The PN leader said that the party surpassed expectations on Sunday. Its aim was to gain a third seat in the European Parliament and half the 39,400-vote Labour majority from the 2022 general election.  

“Not only did the party win back the third seat, but the gap is now just over 8,000 votes,” he said. 

Sunday’s result sent a strong message to the government that people were tired of divisive politics, spin and talk of 'timing' and war.

Grech was referring to Labour Party campaign talking points that the Vitals magisterial inquiry was purposely concluded to coincide with the European Parliament election. It had also been claimed that EP president Roberta Metsola was a warmonger.

“People want authentic politics, dialogue and a genuine interest in people” Grech said. 

He urged people to go to the PN and even write to him personally and said the party was committed to be with the people.

People should feel themselves more at liberty to speak their mind without fear of retribution, he said. Referring to the local council elections and vote-counting due to start on Wednesday, Grech said his party is hoping to win new majorities in several localities. 

He did not mention any of them, but observers have pointed to Siġġiewi and Mosta as localities that could swing back to the PN.

“Whatever the result, we will continue listening to the people and their message,” he said.  

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