The Nationalist Party had rubbished as 'crumbs' a cash injection for all workers and pensioners announced by Robert Abela on Thursday.

Workers and students will receive cheques worth €100, while pensioners and people on social benefits will recieve up to €200 as part of a cash injection to the economy, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced. 

"Today's announcement by Robert Abela is a desperate pre-election attempt by a panicked Prime Minister who was caught taking €17,000 per month in government contracts," the PN said. 

"To make it seem like it is addressing the skyrocketing cost of living, he showed up near Clyde Caruana to hide their widening infighting. The truth is that today’s measures are too little too late. The cost of living exploded in the past two months and the crumbs being offered today do not address the issues facing those who are struggling to make ends meet."

The party said that Abela, who spent years taking more than €17,000 a month from government direct orders - was cut off from people.

The amount of money being refunded to people barely covers the millions stolen from electricity bills, it said.

"Robert Abela takes the cake and gives you crumbs. Then spends your money to tell you he is giving you the cake to buy your votes."

The PN promised that a  government led by Bernard Grech would refund the millions stolen in electricity prices, ensure a living wage for all people, provide a €40 million fund to offset shipping costs of importers and manufacturers, and stop wasting taxpayer money on corrupt and wasteful contracts.

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