The Nationalist Party has tabled a motion in parliament to have MPs 'discuss and condemn' the hospitals deal and to compel government to take 'every possible action' to retrieve the money that was paid to Vitals Global Healthcare and Steward Healthcare.

The motion was tabled in parliament on Wednesday by Opposition Leader Bernard Grech and MP Adrian Delia. MPs will discuss it and take a vote on it on Thursday next week.

In a post on Facebook on Wednesday evening, Grech said the PN wants the government to take legal action, if need be, to get back the money that was paid to Vitals and Steward through the 'corrupt and fraudulent deal'.

"I hope Robert Abela and Labour MPs support this motion and commit to get back the stolen money," he said.

The landmark judgment on the hospitals' deal was delivered last month and nullified all the agreements signed by the government, Vitals Global Healthcare and Steward Healthcare, and ordered the hospitals to be returned to the state.

But the strongly worded, 136-page judgment went even further, condemning Vitals and Steward for "fraudulent" behaviour and slamming government officials for incompetence.

Judge Francesco Depasquale said there was fraud throughout the time Vitals and Steward ran the hospitals, but also when the deal was being negotiated and even before the tender was issued.

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