Bernard Grech has been approved to contest the post of PN leader by the party’s candidates’ commission, the Nationalist Party said.

It said that the due diligence exercise on Grech had been concluded, and a call is issued for an official nomination is being issued.

Grech, who is the sole contender for the post, can now submit his nomination, which has to be seconded by three MPs, five local councillors, 10 members of the executive, 50 members of the general council and 50 party members.

Since he is the sole candidate, Grech will only need a simple majority vote among party councillors to be confirmed as PN leader.

According to the PN statute, the party leader is obliged to step down after losing the general election, giving party members the opportunity to elect a new candidate should they wish to do so.

Grech became PN leader in October 2020 when he obtained 69.3% of party members’ votes when contesting against former leader Adrian Delia.

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