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The Nationalist Party's own youth movement on Monday called for party leadership to shoulder responsibility for the "untenable" situation the PN had fallen into. 

"Enough is enough," the MŻPN said in a Facebook post which continued to pile pressure on party leader Adrian Delia and his administration. 

Their Facebook post was echoed some hours later by the PN's Forum for Professionals, which in a Facebook post of its own said that it was demanding that "political responsibility be shouldered by all those who are refusing to view the clear electoral result as a damning one". 

MŻPN calls

"The current situation is untenable, and represents a new low," the MŻPN had said.

"Enough is enough, and we demand that political responsibility be shouldered - at least out of respect for the thousands of voters and volunteers who gave their time, faith and effort - by those involved in the mess emanating from last Saturday’s vote in the Executive Committee," it continued in a Facebook post.

The statement came hours after a motion to co-opt Jean Pierre Debono into parliament was postponed, as the Nationalist Party leadership scrambled to contain fallout from a contentious vote to have Mr Debono replace outgoing MP David Stellini.

We must stand up to be counted - not just when the going is easy

It also comes after leader Adrian Delia blamed the PN “establishment” for putting spokes in the wheels and after he issued a stern warning to his most vociferous internal critics.

The MŻPN replied: "We have always stood out from our peers for our unwavering voice, unorthodox approach and the willingness to break ranks with whatever and whoever is labelled as 'The Establishment'." 

The youth movement said it would analyse the current situation during a meeting of its own this week, and a full report and analysis shall be passed on internally.

"We must stand up to be counted - not just when the going is easy, but especially and more importantly, when the going gets tough."

'Not business as usual' - Forum for Professionals

The PN's Forum for Professionals was also critical of the party leadership, saying that the party could not act like it was business as usual "when it is clearly not the case". 

In their Facebook post, the Forum also called for action against anyone who "may have contributed to alleged fraudulent wrongdoing" in a co-option vote to fill a vacant MP seat. 

PN political coordinator Jean Pierre Debono narrowly won a vote to fill the vacant seat, beating Gozo lawyer Kevin Cutajar to it. 

Mr Debono has however been accused of allowing ineligible people to take part in the executive committee vote, and Gozitan voters have filed a judicial protest threatening a civil lawsuit if the vote is not nullified. 

'Enough is enough' 

MP and deputy speaker Claudette Buttigieg also took to Facebook to express her dismay at the state of her party.

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"Enough is enough," she wrote. "No more lies, deceit and shady behaviour. We deserve better. PN deserves better. Malta deserves better". 

The PN is reeling from its worst electoral result in history after the European Parliament and local council elections prompted demands for the PN administration to step aside.


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