An angry man injured four police officers while resisting arrest last night, the head of a police union has said. 

The man, who Police Officers Union chief Sandro Camilleri described as being "of Arab nationality", was confronted by police after he tried to assault a Maltese woman he had previously been in a relationship with. 

Inspector Camilleri claimed that the man tried to break the woman's door and banged on her car. When the police tried to restrain him, he pushed officers down some stairs. 

Officers arrested the man and hauled him to a nearby police station, where he allegedly broke some furniture, banged his head against a wall and "made allegations against the police," Inspector Camilleri wrote. 

"He said he was hurt and needed an ambulance. He again raised hell in the ambulance and attacked two other officers," he added. 

Inspector Camilleri said a police officer was attacked every two days, and used the incident to complain that police officers were ill-protected by authorities.

"You cannot do your job and use the necessary violence and legal [sic] to do your job because they'll turn it against you," he wrote. "You can't use a taser or pepper spray because they'll turn that against you too." 

Inspector Camilleri has been a vocal advocate of introducing bodycams for police officers, saying that officers doing their job often faced abuse from citizens. 

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