Updated 12.45pm - Busuttil leaves San Anton palace

President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca met with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Opposition leader Simon Busuttil today and said she would "exercise those few powers" given to her in an attempt to resolve the ongoing political crisis.

The President first met with Dr Muscat shortly after 11am, before meeting Dr Busuttil at noon. Both meetings were held at the presidential palace in San Anton. 

In a statement ahead of the two meetings, the President said she had been closely following political developments and was calling the two political leaders after consulting with her constitutional advisers. 

Video: Jonathan Borg

"As I have already stated several times, the powers of the President of Malta are
constrained by the Constitution itself, and I will exercise those few powers given to me," she said. 

"At this stage, I will not be making any further statements on the matter, to allow the independent institutions to do their work. Malta is a democracy and the law is to be observed by everyone.”

Dr Muscat's official car was seen leaving the palace at 11.30am, with Dr Busuttil seen exiting the palace gates shortly after 12.30pm. No comments were given to the press after the meetings. 

Dr Muscat's car exits San Anton Palace. Photo: Jonathan BorgDr Muscat's car exits San Anton Palace. Photo: Jonathan Borg

In a tweet, Dr Busuttil said that he would use the meeting to "ask her to use her authority to resolve this crisis." 

Dr Busuttil yesterday told a crowd of demonstrators gathered in Valletta to protest corruption that the President had the moral authority to ask Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to step aside in the wake of allegations linking his wife to Panama company Egrant. 

"The President is known for her honesty and integrity and although she does not have the legal power to remove the Prime Minister, she had the moral authority to ask him to leave in the national interest," Dr Busuttil told the thousands of people gathered in Valletta for a protest against corruption organised by the Nationalist Party.

Dr Busuttil leaving the palace. Photo: Jonathan BorgDr Busuttil leaving the palace. Photo: Jonathan Borg

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