Benna fresh dairy products prices are set to increase from Thursday, as Malta Dairy Products Ltd says it can no longer absorb the constant increase in production and operational costs.

The increase in prices varies. A one-litre carton of Benna skimmed milk is currently priced at 92c – from Thursday it will cost €1. 

A one-litre carton of Benna’s 2.5% fat milk will also be priced at €1 – an increase of 6c.

Benna’s lactose-free milk will also increase in price - the one litre milk will be priced at €1.25 (up from €1.15) and the 500ml to 70c (currently 65c)

The price of yogurts will vary from 47c to 65c.

Benna Natural Yogurt currently costs 42c, but will increase to 47c. Lactose-free yogurt will increase to 62c, up from 57c

MDP said it is in the process of communicating with customers and the media in an official statement in the coming week. 

While prices of Benna’s fresh milk products have been revised from time to time, the management said the price of fresh milk has remained unchanged for the past four years. 

Benna's dairy product prices to increase by June 1. Photo: Arnold CassolaBenna's dairy product prices to increase by June 1. Photo: Arnold Cassola

“We are being faced with constant increases in production and operation costs and in order to keep sustaining the local dairy sector and producing fresh milk products, MDP can no longer absorb the costs internally, as it has been doing,” the  management told Times of Malta. 

Independent candidate Arnold Cassola first raised the increase in prices on Saturday, as he shared pictures of a list of the new prices of the Benna products. 

The increase in Benna product prices. Photo: Arnold CassolaThe increase in Benna product prices. Photo: Arnold Cassola

In recent months, Maltese shoppers have voiced their concerns at the rising cost of living, and many are feeling the pinch of inflation when buying groceries. 

A recent study carried out by Times of Malta shows that carrying out weekly grocery shopping and ordering a meal from a fast-food restaurant once a week costs 21% of a person's average monthly salary - compared to 19% in Sicily and 16% in Cyprus. 

In an economic analysis published last month, KPMG highlighted how people are opting to cut back on non-essentials in an effort to handle inflation

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