Nationalist MPs on Monday morning filed a judicial protest against the Prime Minister, holding him personally responsible for the “breach” in the deal inked with Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH).

In the protest, the MPs argued that VGH had failed in its contractual obligations, through which it was handed public land.

Speaking outside the law courts, Opposition leader Adrian Delia said the VGH contract clearly stated a number of milestones which were supposed to be met over a three-year period.

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He accused the government of transferring public land to “unknown persons” and that VGH had still failed in its contractual obligations, despite being paid €190,000 daily.

In the judicial protest, MPs called on the Lands Authority to take the necessary legal action to reclaim the public land.

Last month, Health Minister Chris Fearne announced that VGH would be selling on the multi-million euro concession to the American company Steward healthcare.

The amount for which the concession would be sold was not disclosed by Mr Fearne, who has sought to distance himself from original VGH deal struck by his predecessor Konrad Mizzi.

The Sunday Times of Malta recently revealed the deal with VGH was struck several months before the tender for the concession was even published.

The Labour Party reacted sharply to the judicial protest, saying that the move was trying to discourage investment in the country.

"This is the same negativity that we used to see when Simon Busuttil was leader and every investment and innovative concept was attacked," it said.

"The government will persevere with its plan to change the health sector as the prime minister said yesterday. In a globalised world, a country cannot stop if it wants to win international competition."

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