Advancements in technology have transformed the entire business landscape. It has made it much easier to complete processes, reach customers, and achieve goals, all done with less effort and time required. The downside of this, however, is that many have sought to use this technology in nefarious ways, and this has resulted in the rise of cyberattacks. 


In this day and age, there are more cyberattacks than ever being aimed at businesses across the globe. These attacks are also becoming more sophisticated, with recent research suggesting that cybercriminals are able to penetrate more than 90 per cent of company networks

Due to this, it’s vital your business is in the right position to defend against these threats. Along with using a sophisticated cyber security system, you need to know about the techniques cybercriminals use. With that in mind, below are four cyber threats to protect your business from in 2022.


Even though it’s one of the oldest forms of cyberattack around, phishing maintains a strong presence in today’s digital world. In fact, it is the biggest and most prevalent cyber threat that businesses face. 

Virtually anyone that uses the internet has encountered a phishing attempt at some point. From emails to text messages, this scam sees a cybercriminal create an authentic-looking message that convinces someone to hand over their personal information. 

A phishing scam may seem easy enough to avoid, but it can still catch unsuspecting people out. Email security and educating your employees will reduce the chances of it impacting your business.


As the name suggests, ransomware is a type of attack that involves a ransom. The hacker will encrypt your business data and hold it hostage until they receive the demanded ransom. Due to not possessing the resources or time to recover their data any other way, companies will frequently pay the ransom. 

Up-to-date cyber security is one way to stop most ransomware attacks in their tracks. Regular backups of your data can also save a lot of headaches, as you could effectively go back in time and restore your files.


Simple in execution but deadly in the damage it can dish out, malware is something every business wants to avoid. Malware can find its way onto your computer by simply clicking on the wrong link or downloading an attachment. Once there, the malware executes without your knowledge, where it can do everything from spying on your activity and blocking programs from running, to changing the settings on your digital files.

Again, reputable antivirus software and knowledge of malware can protect your business from this type of attack. 

Internal threats

You can be a beacon of knowledge for all-things cyberattacks, but that doesn’t mean your employees are the same. They can fall for phishing schemes or click on the wrong download links. They could be naïve and share company files and data over their unsecured personal devices. 

Ultimately, human error is one of the biggest security threats to your business. This means it’s essential you educate your employees – and continue to do so regularly – about cyberattacks.

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