In today’s world, online gambling is more accessible than before because many countries have liberal gambling laws. This is usually true for most countries in Europe, but places like Canada also allow people to access a lot of different sites.

Some of them are not good, but places like Betano Ontario (CA) have proven themselves over time and have become the preferred options for a variety of people. One of the reasons why these brands attract more clients is because they’re safe, and people feel comfortable using them. The bad news is that achieving this status is not easy, and many people feel like they can get scammed while using an online casino.

As much as people don’t want to admit it, the iGaming industry is full of gambling companies that are unsafe to use. They look good on the outside, but a closer inspection reveals that they lack a lot of the security features that are offered by other platforms. Experienced users know they should avoid them, but new gamblers often fall into the trap and start using them.Protecting yourself from online gambling scams is becoming increasingly difficult. However, everyone can complete a couple of steps, which will allow people to feel a lot more comfortable.

Analyse the gambling licence before using the given online casino

Almost all of the online betting platforms in Canada you will have access to without the need for VPNs or mirror links will show you that they have a permit. Canada’s leading gambling regulators in Ontario and other parts of the country have a set of rules all sites must follow. However, many of them decide not to adhere to the regulations, so they don’t even have permission from the regulators. Instead, they’re using a fake licence that tricks people into believing they’re regulated.

Not all sports betting companies and casinos that do this are trying to steal your personal information. However, you probably don’t want to take any risks, so learn additional details about the licence. You should analyse everything, starting from the number to the date when it expires. If you notice something suspicious, you can always go to the regulator itself and ask for additional information. 

Check your internet provider to see if the site is on its blacklist

The government in Canada pays a lot of attention to irregular gambling websites and takes all sorts of measures to make sure people are not using them. One of them is related to the internet providers and their responsibility to put those sites on a blacklist. Certain providers who do that prohibit their clients from accessing them, whereas others are just letting them know that the sites are not legit.

If you are unsure about a specific site and do not want to be a part of a gambling scam, it’s definitely a good idea to contact your internet provider and see if the given company is on such a list. If that’s the case, it’s probably better to avoid the specific company unless you are sure that nothing will go wrong. Plenty of legit gambling platforms in Canada will provide people with a unique experience, so make sure to find them.

Of course, you must keep in mind that gambling addiction is a problem in Canada, as well as in many other countries. So, make sure to learn more about how to be safe while playing.

Do not trust the site too much

The last big tip if you want to avoid getting involved in a gambling scam in Canada is pretty general, but valuable. Trusting a brand too much before using it is never a good idea, whether the site is world-famous or not. Sure, using a gambling company whose name is recognizable is better than trusting a site you’ve never used before. However, some companies can be highly innovative when trying to scam people, so always check everything.

Speaking of scamming, there have been reports in other parts of the world of online casinos that try to copy the design of popular brands. Sadly, instead of offering the same things, these sites usually steal people’s private data and banking details and sell them online.

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