A local psychiatrist was arraigned in court on Monday on charges related to domestic violence. 

The psychiatrist was arraigned by summons before magistrate Lara Lanfranco by Inspector Sherona Buhagiar.

The exact charges the psychiatrist is facing remain unknown, as journalists were ordered out of the courtroom by the magistrate before the sitting could begin. However, sources said he was charged with domestic violence and harassment of his ex-partner. 

"I'm not comfortable with journalists being present for domestic violence cases," the magistrate said, addressing both reporters and the prosecution. She added she is unaware of how the journalists found out about the sitting.

Defence lawyer, Frank Anthony Tabone, said they were going to request a ban on the publication of the name of the defendant. He later said the ban was upheld.

Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi is also assisting the defendant.

The prosecution did not object to the request and agreed on the press not being present during the sitting. The prosecutor was Ramon Bonett Sladden. The magistrate later banned the publication of all names. 

The case continued behind closed doors once the press left the courtroom.

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