During the past few weeks, QuickLets identified an opportunity in the current situation to reassess one of its most valued sections in the company, the QuickLets Academy.

Traditionally set in a classroom environment, the PropTech real estate agency did what it does best and designed a completely online induction programme for its new letting specialists spread over five days.

It was quickly evident that this approach had many benefits to it. Apart from freeing up space in the physical academy centre for additional ongoing training once the situation stabilises, having all the resources online allows for new and experienced property specialists to revisit modules they felt they needed to brush up on. Together with this, the number of new recruits per course became limitless since they can now access the modules from the comfort of their own home from any internet-enabled device.

We have always prided ourselves in being leaders in the use of modern technology

“We had a choice, either to sit and wait for all this to be over and go back to our old ways or to take this opportunity and reinvent ourselves in the way we deliver training and coaching,” says Fabio Zuccaro, chief operating officer for QuickLets and Zanzi Homes.

“This process felt like a natural evolution for us at QuickLets. We have always prided ourselves in being leaders in the use of modern technology,” he adds.

The QuickLets Virtual Academy takes its attendees through a journey designed to equip the letting specialists with all they require to become awesome at what they do.

The course begins with an introduction to the company and focuses mainly on its values and multi-dimensional culture. It then proceeds to modules such as system navigation, marketing, legal obligations, the Private Residential Leases Act as well as personal branding and customer-service excellence. Various channels of delivery are being used, including Zoom sessions, explanatory doodle videos and interactive presentations.

“Without discrediting the reality we are living in, we also had to accept that people still require an income and some clients still have the unavoidable need to rent property. We have been here for our people and our clients in the good times and we felt it was our duty to also be present when times get tough,” continues Zuccaro.

“We responded quickly to this challenge and we feel our QuickLets Virtual Academy struck a balance between continuity and the safety of our people and clients.”

The measures QuickLets has taken to mitigate risks for its team members and clients doesn’t stop at the QuickLets Virtual Academy. Once fully fledged to deliver its services as letting specialists, the company has implemented virtual and contactless viewings to retain safety as a top priority.

Anyone who wishes to take the leap and join Malta’s largest letting agency,can now do so by applying for the QuickLets Virtual Academy through www.quicklets.com.mt/careers or by direct messaging on their Facebook page.

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