Letting agency QuickLets has appointed one of its most engaged and committed team member to brand manager. 

Zammit Lupi joined QuickLets eight years ago as their first letting specialist, showing an instant passion for the industry as well as a strong belief in the value that the brand would bring to the letting industry. He excelled as a letting specialist and his drive and ambition grew together with the company. Two years after joining, he took the plunge and opened his own branch in Spinola as a franchise owner.

“When Marc approached us to open his own branch, the answer was an instant yes and we made sure to support him along the way because we knew it will be a natural success. The years proved us right,” Steve Mercieca, co-founder and CEO of QuickLets and Zanzi Homes, said.

Having been a letting specialist as well as a franchise owner helped Zammit Lupi transition to  his new role as QuickLets brand manager effortlessly. 

“I joined this company when it was just starting out and I’m extremely grateful to have had the chance to watch it grow and evolve from a start-up into the industry giant that is it today. I couldn’t be prouder to work with such an awesome company who doesn’t just value their bottom line but also has a philanthropic heart at the core of its values and gives back to the community every chance it gets,” he remarked.

Zammit Lupi identifies himself as an environmentalist, making him a perfect match to the company’s core values. The QLZH Foundation has so far planted over 28,500 trees and organised over 42 clean-ups.

QuickLets (ql.mt) today has grown to become a real estate stronghold, together with its sister brands Zanzi Homes (zh.mt) and QLC (qlc.com.mt), engaging over 300 letting specialists and managing a franchise network of 36 offices. 

These figures represent a mammoth challenge for Zammit Lupi, but one which he embraced from his first day as brand manager. 

“The goal for the company has always been for us to become the real estate market leaders and dominate the industry. 

With my appointment as brand manager, and with the help of my colleague Edward Agius, we’re ready to take this company to a whole other level,” Zammit Lupi said.

Marc Zammit Lupi

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