In the dynamic realm of recruitment and workforce solutions, one name stands out as a beacon of innovation and success – Mantvydas Matthew Narusevicious, the Chief Executive Officer of WFDM Ltd. A trailblazer in the industry, Narusevicius has not only founded one of the fastest-growing companies in Malta but has also demonstrated an unwavering commitment to driving economic advancement through strategic talent acquisition.

WFDM, under the leadership of Narusevicius , has emerged as a globally recognized leader in recruitment, providing state-of-the-art workforce solutions to organizations across diverse industries. The company’s core philosophy revolves around building high-performing teams that align with the strategic goals of its clients. Narusevicius , a seasoned entrepreneur is proud of WFDM’s active contribution to positioning Malta as a prominent hub for innovation and talent development.

Narusevicius’s journey as an entrepreneur began with the establishment of a profitable Food Delivery, showcasing his ingenuity and perseverance. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to open a series of successful companies across various industries. Reflecting on his early career, Narusevicius shared, “I wanted more than just a job; I wanted to create something meaningful, something that would make me happy both professionally and personally.” This drive led to the founding of WFDM Ltd., now one of Malta’s most successful recruitment agencies.

Narusevicius identified a gap in the market for a high-quality recruitment agency that could connect top talent with the best job opportunities

Upon arriving in Malta, Narusevicius  identified a gap in the market for a high-quality recruitment agency that could connect top talent with the best job opportunities. His clear vision and willingness to take risks propelled WFDM Ltd. to success. “I knew there was a demand for such a service, and I was determined to fill it,” he explained.

The company’s growth from a small startup to one of Europe’s most successful recruitment agencies attests to Narusevicius’s strategic acumen and dedication.

Narusevicius, the founder and managing director of WFDM Ltd, believes in gaining experience at all levels to understand the people he leads. His journey from hospitality to accounting and eventually founding multiple successful ventures has shaped him into a leader who leads by example, listens to others, and values the input of his team.

WFDM Ltd’s growth trajectory took a significant turn under Narusevicius’s leadership. The company evolved from a transport and catering provider to a diversified business with ventures like doup. into Cyprus and Dubai.

As Narusevicius looks ahead, his primary focus remains on expanding the recruitment side of WFDM Ltd. His dedication to diversification and internationalization reflects his commitment to adapting to market trends and identifying organic growth opportunities. Narusevicius’s passion for recruitment and connecting with individuals who share that passion underscores his approach to building successful ventures.

In the competitive landscape of recruitment and entrepreneurship, Narusevicius has carved a niche for himself as a visionary leader. His journey from a one-man-island with a vision to a multifaceted entrepreneur leading one of Malta’s fastest-growing companies is a testament to his resilience and strategic mindset. As WFDM Ltd continues to make strides in the global recruitment landscape, Narusevicius’s leadership serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders, emphasizing the importance of passion, dedication, and leading by example.

Over the past few years, he has successfully introduced new FinTech solutions to Malta, highlighting the country as an ideal testing ground for innovative technologies. By 2025, he wants WFDM to rank among the top 100 recruitment agencies in Europe, and he’ll take great pride in saying that this company had its beginnings in Malta.

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