Prime Minister Robert Abela has vowed to meet his landslide victory with humility as he met supporters at Naxxar counting hall on Sunday.

The Labour leader said the people's confidence will be translated into hard work after the country returned his party to power. 

He was greeted with rapturous applause from Labour delegates who banged on the counting hall Perspex and sang Viva L-Labour and the party anthem.

"This is an electoral result which will be translated into greater humility and work so that we can continue to do good for the people of Gozo and Malta," he said.

Robert Abela crowded by supporters in Naxxar. Video: Jacob Borg

Abela said the people had placed the responsibility on the Labour Party to continue to take the country forward, and said the government would also seek national unity.

“We will be a government that works in the interest of the people of Gozo and Malta without distinction," he said.

Robert Abela speaks to the media at Naxxar counting hall. Video: Matthew Mirabelli

The prime minister, accompanied by his wife and PL deputy leader Daniel Micallef then went round the hall as the party delegates sang Robert il-mexxej, allelulja. 

He is expected to make his victory speech at Labour headquarters later on Sunday.

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